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Most people have driver's licenses and most people have received a traffic infraction such as "speeding" etc. These infractions and considered "civil" and not "criminal" so there is no threat of jail time. As a consequence thereof many people just pay these tickets and allow them to be listed as convictions on their driving record. This is not generally advisable since too many of these traffic infractions can cause the Department of Licensing to suspend your driver's license for a period of time depending on the circumstances. Then when you want to reinstate your license the DOL requires you to obtain "high risk insurance" and to file a form as proof that you have done so. You must maintain this insurance for a period of time (3 years for many offenses) and your insurance rates end up double or triple of what you used to pay. Automobile insurance is high enough without this added expense. The minor expense of hiring an attorney will pale in comparison to these "high risk insurance" rates. Mr. Critchlow has been handling these cases for over 24 years now and is more than familiar with the technical, proceedural and substantive aspects of defending these citations. Mr. Critchlow is one of the few attorneys in spokane who has sucessfully appealed a traffic infraction case to a higher court (superior court) and got the guilty finding reversed. See City of Spokane v. Ward, 122 Wn.App. 40 (Div.III, 2004)